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Carl’s creation is complex of simplicity and sophisticated design, sharp but feminine cut, amazing colour, luxury fabric and surprise twist.

The CARL KAPP studio is based in Sydney. All garments are made by an expert team of tailors and seamstresses in Australia. Carl's true obsession lies in fabrics, which are sourced from Italy and France.

Carl made all pattern by himself. His first career was pattern maker. Brilliant sharp cut is Carl's favourite but he believes women’s clothes should be feminine. He always adds femininity to his creation even its masculine sharp design.

His creation is completed by someone wears in their life. Comfort and movement are also part of the design. Carl personally closes to top clients. CARL KAPP garments are designed to coordinate with even different season collection to enjoy every garments, every year for them.

Cate Blancett, Jassica Chastein chosen CARL KAPP personally for red carpet.